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Łukasz Łoboda

Scrum Master & Full-Stack Engineer

I'm business-driven guy who likes delivering Value.
I'm honest, determined and communicative guy.
I like when things are settled.
I like when things are moving.
I like to push things forward.

As a Scrum Master

I'm Certified ScrumMaster® by Scrum Alliance (License 000341761).

My mission is to make sure that Product Delivery is aligned with reality.

I've became ScrumMaster to make sure that things are going smoothly - both for Team and Company.

I've found following set of values to be extremely crucial to achieve that:
Trust, Responsibility, Professionalism and Honesty.
They are foundation of any Teamwork.

As a Backend Developer

Being Software Engineer is just part of my nature and identity.

I've written a lot of code (and removed even more).
I admire and follow principles of Software Craftsmanship Movement.
Handcrafted Masterpiece has to beMaintanable, Beautiful & Useful.

I'm still very passionate & active Developer even after becoming Scrum Master.
I want to deliver a cutting-edge solutions that satisfymy personal and Team standards.

As a Person

I'm direct yet still polite person (tested on 100+ colleagues).
I'm quite bad liar and my poker-face still require plenty of improvement (I'm not complaining!).
I like & can make pretty nice coffee!
A lot of coffees, my next job is going to be barista!


To contact me please use following address: lukasz.w.loboda (at)

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